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Video Camera Surveillance

Secure your residence or business with video surveillance. At New Age Security, we have complete solutions for residential and commercial locations. Whether your need a one- or two-camera installation or you need several hundred cameras, we have a service for you.

Fire Alarm, Fire Extinguisher & Sprinkler System

We help all types of residential and commercial locations for fire alarms, fire safety, and fire sprinklers systems. We are specialized in custom burglar alarm systems to meet the unique needs of your small business or large enterprise.

Access Control Systems

Make your workplace design secure to prevent any security risk. Automate your building access control and reporting in a secure and convenient way.

New Age Security
Serving For 28 Years

Small business

New age security provide complete solution for small business including video surveillance, alarm system and fire safety.

Healthcare and Assisted Living Facilities

New age security can provide complete solution for life safety, security, and critical access. We provide all solutions under Federal and State guidelines.

Car dealerships

Make your place safe for your employees, customers, and assets by implementing the latest life safety and surveillance system.

Single and multifamily residential sites

We can help single and multi-family residential sites by offering the best fire safety and burglary safety systems.

Office buildings

Provide a secure environment to your employees by installing our life safety and surveillance systems.

Construction and builders

Prevent losses and secure your construction site using safety and surveillance systems.

What our customers think

Joi Anne Garrett
Joi Anne Garrett
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Safety is an end-game business. It's about long-term results and reliability. Working with assisted living as a safety services contractor requires dedication, commitment and energy equaling that of the licensee. We've worked with him on our own installations, and we've watched a number of TORCH affiliates work with him as repeat clients. Mr. Robinson is 110% involved every day – and they are long days! He consistently brings experience and insight. An example of his personal dedication comes from his recent completion of the Goldman-Sachs MBA equivalent program. He is dedicated to be a master in his field. Few building projects are perfect and smooth, but clients are buying the outcome. That lifetime of service reliability is what everybody must have. New Age – it’s the end-game result.
John Larson
John Larson
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We have been with new age security since 2005. Our fire safety and video monitoring services are being managed by New age security. I am very satisfied with the quality of service.
Emily Grooms
Emily Grooms
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New Age Security is about decades of safety and reliability. It isn’t just installation details and working with multiple third-parties and on-site issues -- any one of which can sour the day. Nor is it easy to combine those boxes of supplies and stacks of pipe and several square yards of diagrams and permits into a durable, individualized safety system, yielding decades of service. Mr. Robinson brings determination and conscientiousness that, added to labor, materials and devices, creates essentially a lifetime of service and reliability. That’s why most of his clients are both long-term and multi-project – and many become friends.

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