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Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection For Assisted Living And Residential Care Home

Details To Confirm During A Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection:

● Make sure the extinguisher is unconcealed in its designated location.

● Be sure the tamper seal of the cylinder remains intact and check the cylinder for obvious defects such as a clogged nozzle, leakage, physical damage or corrosion

● Affirm that both the pressure gauge and indicator are in the operable range of function ● Confirm that the extinguisher is full, this can be simply done by lifting the extinguisher ● Verify that the issued instructions on the nameplate are comprehensible and facing outwards

● Check the last professional service date (Within the past 12 months, the extinguisher must have been inspected by a licensed fire extinguisher maintenance contractor.)

● Check the condition of the tires, wheels, carriage, hose, and nozzle of wheeled extinguishers

● For non rechargeable extinguishers, operate the push-to-test pressure indicators Qualifications

● There is no requirement for certification in order to perform an inspection


The National Fire Protection Association 10 requires extinguishers be examined when they are installed and once every following month.If extinguishers are situated in locations where they are prone to rust, impact, or interference it’s better to perform more routine inspections.

Record Keeping

Records of monthly inspections are to be regulated by placing a tag or label on the extinguishers or storing it into a physical or electronic file. The date of the inspection and the name of the inspector need to be recorded into these files.

Maintenance Procedures

Extinguishers are required to be checked at least once a year by a licensed fire extinguisher maintenance contractor.

Please contact your local fire extinguisher maintenance contractor to receive further details of your required maintenance procedures.