1200 Smith St. Suite 1600 Two Allen Center

Houston, TX 77002

Most Common Citations for Assisted Livings in Texas

  1. Building in good repair

Summary: The facility failed to ensure that the building was properly maintained. Example:

  • An extension cord was connected to a loose electrical outlet.

  • Tree limbs were caught on the power line in the facility’s front yard.

  • (GFCI) Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection was not provided in the kitchen.

  1. Interior wall and ceiling surfaces not covered properly


  • The return air vents were left exposed when the HVAC system was installed at the facility.

  • It appears that plumbing work was completed at the facility but sheetrock was not replaced, exposing studs.

  1. Disposal of waste and trash 

Example: There was an overflow of waste in the main living area trash containers. On the second day of the survey (Tuesday), the trash was still located in the same place. There are trash containers in the alleyway behind the facility, as the supervisor told the surveyor that “trash pickup is on Thursdays, and we collect it all and take it out on Wednesday morning.” There are trash bins in the alleyway behind the facility.

  1. Adequate light levels

Example: There were multiple locations throughout the facility where the lighting levels were not kept at 50 fc.

  1. Sprinkler systems

Summary: Inspection, testing and maintenance of the sprinkler system were not performed in accordance with National Fire Protection Association 25.

Example: There was no interconnected automatic smoke detection and alarm initiation system installed in the facility.

  1. Fire alarm and sprinkler systems


  • The facility did not have a fire alarm system installed.

  • Battery operated smoke detectors that do not report to a fire alarm system had been installed inside the facility.

  1. Fire drills

Example: The facility failed to document, or conduct required fire drills.

  1. Contract to Maintain Alarm System


  • Inspecting, testing, and maintaining fire alarms were not covered by a written contract with a fire alarm company.

  • Every six months, the facility failed to inspect its fire alarm system.

  1. Resident Assessment Service Plan

Summary: According to the complaint, the facility did not ensure that the resident’s service plan was approved and signed by a person responsible for the resident’s health care decisions or that it was updated annually and whenever there was a significant change in the resident’s health, or that care was provided to the resident based on that assessment.


  • The resident or responsible party did not approve or sign the individual service plan.

  • Assessments were not updated annually or when a significant change in the resident’s condition occurred.

  • Based on the resident’s assessment, the facility did not provide care and services