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Most Common Citations for Assisted Livings in Texas

Building in good repair Summary: The facility failed to ensure that the building was properly maintained. Example: An extension cord was connected to a loose electrical outlet. Tree limbs were caught on the power line in the facility’s front yard. (GFCI) Ground-fault circuit-interrupter protection was not provided in the kitchen. Interior wall and ceiling surfaces … Read more

How To Use a Portable Fire Extinguisher

fire extinguisher

Using a Fire Extinguisher A. Sound the fire alarm and call the fire department if deemed appropriate.B. Pinpoint a safe evacuation route prior to approaching the fire. Heat, fire, and smoke should notstand between you and your evacuation route.C. Find the nearest Fire Extinguisher in your range.D. Using the P.A.S.S technique (pull, aim, squeeze, sweep) … Read more

Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection For Assisted Living And Residential Care Home

Details To Confirm During A Monthly Fire Extinguisher Inspection: ● Make sure the extinguisher is unconcealed in its designated location. ● Be sure the tamper seal of the cylinder remains intact and check the cylinder for obvious defects such as a clogged nozzle, leakage, physical damage or corrosion ● Affirm that both the pressure gauge … Read more